About Fried Chicken

For some time i've wanted to become an expert in cooking a good fried chicken. It strikes me as a good calling card for general expertise in the kitchen but my interest also may have come from watching Alton Brown many nights when I was too high to fall asleep (or hungry?). Here's me trying to start understanding the ways of frying some fowl. I'm coming for you Flav.

-There are two ways to marinate the chicken. Either soak them in buttermilk or rub in spices. Both require at least 24 hours of marination in a closed container. A different strategy is after using the spice process dip the chicken in flour-buttermilk-flour.
-The Lodge Cast Fryer is the way to go says Alton. 12 inch dish is preferred but this is a nice 10 in 3/4.
-The two liquids to fry the chicken seem to be a simple oil of vegetable shortening.
-The two blogs I keep referring to for my fowl info are Serious Eats and Sweet Surrender.
-Chicken wings: my mistress from the proceedings called average life. This recipe has old spice, garlic salt, and parmesan cheese as the sauce ingredients. Nothing indicating anything specially done for the chicken besides frying it undressed.
-My style in prep work is tenderize, s&p & paprika, flour, egg yolk, breadcrumbs. I have not seen another recipe that uses breadcrumbs but my chicken turned out very tasty. Guess it could be original.

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