Goldfish Sleep

"turtle island"

How I want our love to know
That inside me she will always grow
In all colors and sizes
You will always remain

"you got the silver" stones
"stray dog freedom" bright eyes

So let him finish every dinner plate
And we watched his tail saying thanks thanks thanks
And we tried to name him
but he ran away
once he knew his freedom was at stake

"don't let it bring you down" neil
"hearts and bones" paul simon

she said why, why don't we drive through the night, we'll wake up down in mexico
tell me why i don't know nothing about, nothing about mexico
tell me why, why you don't love me for who i am, where i am
he said because that's not the way the world is baby, this is how i love you babe, guitar...

"start without me" pedro the lion
"doctor my eyes" jackson browne

fuck the quotes this song is fucking awesome drink a beer already

"under the gun" the killers

i've always wanted to play this song at a party and have everyone look at me and bob their head simultaneously

"somesing" sts9

fuck i actually picked this song next, really? well nevermind i get it

categorical imperative my ass, you went crazy mother fucker
To explain further, Nietzsche thought Kant was a tool for, after all his many great epiphanies, deciding to agree on an universal moral obligation and code that society should acquire. Nietzche thought this bro was going soft as a dick on a cold Tuesday. So Nietzche thinks that believing in things like loving your neighbor, agreeing with martial law, deciding you hate abortion because your momma does, will render you a fucking idiot. One with no creativity in your mind nor the ability to come to your own conclusion about standards in life that you simply follow the ass behind like a cow in line for the butcher. He goes on to say about Kant... (meanwhile 2nd STS9 song in a row is playing). But going back to my further statement under the caption, i do agree with Nietzsche. But the dude did snap one day; a carriage driver was whipping his horse and Nietzsche dropped his groceries to hug, protect the horse and yelled nonsense until someone pulled him away. And to the insane asylum he went...

“Duty”… impersonal and universal – phantom expressions of decline, of the final exhaustion of life… each one of us should devise his own virtue, his own categorical imperative… Kant’s categorical imperative should have been felt as mortally dangerous… What destroys more quickly that to work, to think, to feel without inner necessity, without a deep personal choice… as an automaton of duty? It is a recipe for decadence, even for idiocy…  Kant became an idiot.”

I thought the passage i had read for class was better but whatever there's no way i'm getting off my ass to find those notes in my bookbag. Great guy though. So the playlist continues.

"How i know" toro y moi
"no future shock" NEW tv on the radio

nuff esplained.

"tumbling dice" stones from Brussels Affair 1973 found from aquarium drunkard mick taylor's solo will leave you hungry. he was only a stone for 5 years and in my opinion was by far the best lead guitarist the band ever had but based on some random footage and readings from kieth richards biography he did seem like kind of a puss-daddy. He never played with emotion, not once did i see a drip of sweat on his forehead from a concert dvd i have and a lot of interviews he looks too stoned to even speak. But his guitar work speaks for himself, he's on my favorite stone albums and during the STP tour (Stones Touring Party) 1974 he had the most fantastic renditions of the recorded stones song ever to grace the earth.

"courtesy laughs" phoenix
"in the morning linda dies" paleo

the morning of the flood
it was the morning linda died
while i was busy cutting diamonds
with the corners of my life
we drew a full house on the river
it was erased before our eyes
we know although things last forever
they must change their shape sometimes. yess

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