Please don't mind if I'm still wet
Out of the shower with the towel still on top of my head
You think i'm glistening from all your love?
Well baby your love just wasn't enough

Please don't mind, please don't mind, please don't mind
If i go out and get wet

You almost gave me a heart attack
You treat me so low I didn't think I'd ever get back
Baby you make me think I was so old
Too much though, I didn't want to go there with you.


You must be wandering now, Lucy
You must be wandering now, Lucy





Dreams That We Once Had

Dreams that we once had, did we have them anyways?
Didn't we have a good time?
I know we, I know we had a good time.


2nd all nighter in addy-town

occupy addlestone. i hung out with chloe tonight, unexpectedly. Unexpectedly is a good way to describe what has been developing between us so far. We unexpectedly ran into each other at the library and we unexpectedly made an inside joke leading to an unexpected good time. We unexpectedly keep running into each other although our pool of friends is becoming very similar. She woke me up, unexpectedly, Saturday night when she came home with Chip and i unexpectedly assumed she smoked cigarettes and was a girl with an ego. I unexpectedly saw her this evening and unexpectedly keep hanging out with Charles Nyugen who unexpectedly reached out for my friendship some years ago... I did not respond. She unexpectedly gave me attention as we fled from the slurred mutterings of Alex Collins. She's good at sarcasm, attempting/reading it. She is really swell though, very personal with her touch. She touched my arms multiple times. I especially remember when she said she was a "black girl" and that i should not be afraid to be in a relationship with her, i replied "i don't know, i'm a battered man. black girls have hurt me." she wanted to grab my arm when she mistook the doorway and she wanted to continue the conversation. She walked me as far as she could before she rode off on her bike. We stalled, i stumbled stupidly forgetting about lasting impressions and made a remark of her sister's exboyfriend but she didn't give up. She kissed me on the neck. Maybe she was thinking about doing it before. John Williams met her, so did Jake Klopp. I don't know what that means but man it all means something. It's all so unintentional, unpredictable. I have learned to never to shy away from attention; when a woman shows interest in you, a gentlemen's only motive should be to see that the woman is still interested and that the gentlemen does not fret about other opportunities but the one at hand.
I've been listening to two songs lately, over and over again. I can never seem to stop thinking about them, it's crazy. Yuck's song "Suck" and "The Shakes" by Atlas Sound. They are both so wonderful. Alright, enough procrastinating KC it's time to start concentrating. 2:17 AM... you don't look nice but you could be worse. Let's keep it up. Just found out about shows on the 16th and 17th... pumped.


Gentlemen Don't Yell

Gentlemen don't yell, gentlemen don't yell, whatever you do don't yell. you're a gentlemen. i know, you were really frustrated but don't yell. you always yell. you wanted her to see the whole concert and you yelled. now you'll never know what she was going to say to you. you should have listened and comly told her it wasn't cool. you would have like to have said stay for the rest of the set but then i might have gotten on stage all defeated and played like a defeated scrawny energy-less bass player. although yelling at her got out some rage and kind of possessed you in playing a really good 2nd set gentlemen don't yell. gentlemen don't yell. gentlemen don't yell. i'm sorry charlotte, you do these horrible things to me, even though they are my 'worst nightmares' at the moment i make those conclusions because i know you so damn well so therefore i should think of something witte and short and something that will make you feel horrible. but that won't be a problem seeing we won't be talking very much soon. i want to be friends again someday, i was so surpised how chloe and jack ran into each other so casually and carried off on a nice conversation. i think as soon as i get my seeds in the ground with another girl i'll be like that with her. i also think that i've been in denial for the last month and seeing charlotte bring stephen to the show really shut the door on the coffin. it was a really shitty year we had, a downright awful 2011. i don't know what that means for the future but it more than less says alot of how we function. i just need not to yell anymore at her. ever again. because gentlemen don't yell.


Thinking of nothing

Said old boy you got your leash around his coat
While im on tiger lily
You used to not hesitate to jump into the clear
I was thinking about the time we spent that year
But now I got a kitchen throat
Spending too much time in the smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke
A kitchen throat,
Working too hard too never get my vote vote vote vote
A patient tongue,
But it leaves the shop burned burned burned
A patient tongue
Now im about go get on all out before she comes, she comes, she comes


Note to Self: Always Bring a Camera With You

I was walking beside the railway and it hit me. About 100 meters was a pile of things, its purpose unbelievable to my imagination. I walked towards, tranfixed on it. Is there a men there, a stranger made of blankets? I gripped my house keys between my fingers. Under an archway and beside a yard of old scaffoldings was his bungalow. A graffiti painted concret slab was behind his home. Chairs, a coffee table covered by cloth. Books neatly organized and wicker baskets filled with precious things. Miniature stuffed animals. A horse. A beanie baby. I turn around petrified he has returned but it was a one car train slowly passing by. The car has just three passengers seated by the window. We make eye contact. He has created a master bedrom with pieces of felt tied to wooden pegs. Standing about two feet high. Around it is stacked with fur coats, hoodies, flannel blankets. Two pillows on each side, a mirror placed above. A picture of Virgin Mary and her child. It's as if he is separated himself into his own realm, separated from the life outside to the comforts of his little world. Buckets filled with soap. Toothbrushes. Plates in a dry rack. Gas canisters. Sustainable. A carpeted floor. A rock barrier dividing the dimensions of his home from the outside. I do not dare enter his home but I am mystified.