Think I'll Go Have A Walkaround

This weekend was successful. Daniel and I drank ourselves under the table two times too many. Friday night we went to the Old Synagogue to Shabbat with the Conservative Jews of Prague. Daniel knew the rabbi back from Chicago so we had a way in although the bouncer of temple put a fire under our ass with all of his questioning. The service was quick (later found out bcuz there was less than 10 males there), the chanting was quick and real awkward for my amateur Hebrew tongue. We went to the rabbi's house afterwards for dinner and had delightful thai chicken wings, green bean casserole, and gefilte fish! wish i apparently LOVE. Now finally know why Chris Tucker orders it on Rush hour. There were some locals but mostly American students; some jewish girls infatuated with Dan the Man's jew charisma. Went to Beer Factory, the bar with taps at the table. Bemis' parents were in town, they bought us all of our drinks. Wooh! Came home with Ivey and Dan. We listened to music most of the night-nothing astounding on Ivey's behalf, very unimpressed with her musical choices. And then we watched motha fucking Hook. That move is astounding. There are so many great moments of foreshadowing and dialogue that only a grown up would understand. Robin Williams is "Peter Banning!" His wife says to Wendy, "He's working so hard i had to practically hook him here," Toodles losing his marbles, his stance, Wendys in love with peter, they're all orphans, its amazing!

Have to fly, have to fight, have to grow, have to save maggie, have to save Jack, Hook is back!

And the cameos!!!

Graham Nash and Glenn Close anyone, hah!

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