I've Been Defying Gravity Lately

I am testing the limits of my balance lately. One moment I'm on a ledge, the next i could be off the precipice. Lately days have been spent on windowsills, porches, and very high ledges. But last night was just too dangerous. John and I somehow boosted each other up on top of the Jewish Cementary wall. Like scaling a fucking tight rope, i barely remember walking this fifty foot plank no wider than my shoe. So drunk, so dangerous.

Highlight of the day: Blind people taking a tour with individuals clutching their arms describing everything around them.

Had lunch with Dan and stupid pizza place. Discussed girls and the hot zone. We ledged it and begun writing our first single, "Some Girls Aren't Smart."
Put your accent back in your toilettries
I hope you don't keep comin' around me
Taco Tuesday was bumming. Brad invited this cheeseball over. Said that tequila was 30 american so he brought nothing. So beer it was. During up and down the river, John gave every single drink to Dan. Kid was sauced. Leave the place and destroy this nerd for not bringing liquor. To me that's worse than the dude who cummed on our couch. John kicks a guy right in the head swinging in the subway-"I'm not mad. Glad i make train." Czech patois. Get shushed by a policemen- first time the police presence has ever been acknowledged this whole trip. Bar was the Drunken Monkey. Wooh! Mardi gras party, bring on the beer pong tables, wah wahh. Everyone's everywhere and I'm with Katelynd most the night. Talking about dr. dog, wilco, first 1/4 blonde i've had, special olympics, and the neighbor that has hopelessly fallen in love with her. Dan fails with a DFM (Dance Floor Make-out). Night trams take us to the scene of the crime. Lost we become, meanwhile Dan can't shutup about us disrespecting the Jews. Hahaha. Oh and then this happened:

Read Stephen's blog for the first time when I got home. Man, i wish i had that kids passion. Listened to "My Mind is Ramblin" by black keys over & over. Sleep at 630 awake at 1050 for class. Karina, my beautiful 27 year old art teacher, the cutest person in world. Looked exceptionally cute today. Red dot earrings never fail me. Strolled with her after class today, maybe lunch date???! Helplessly hoping over here. Life's good.

This weekend should be loads of fun. Just me and Cousin Fleetwood for the first time. Plan on forcing him to do cocaine for the first time. Maybe he'll believe me that lines are supposed to be two feet long. Either way we'll be hanging like monkey men.

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