More Berlin

The next day the three of us venture on the free walking tour the hostel provides. The Australian tour guide showed us so many great spots with expert, informative, and as you'd expect an Aussie, charming fashion. We started at the main Nazi headquarters, an enormous group of office buildings constructed with very prison-like architecture you'd shit yourself to see any soldier smoking inside one of the courtyards. The British decided bomb the shit out of it because it was such a valuable building and could operate under the new government which they do use today. I'm sure those pilots were so dissapointed when they got the news- "We have to bomb around it?!" Building was completely untouched during the Siege of Berlin; British precision for ya. Went to Checkpoint Charlie, the main gate to smuggle your loved ones through. Between the U.S. section and Soviet there was one checkpoint where an Eastern Berliner could go to the other side for 24 hours to visit their loved ones. Seeing it as a great opportunity to sneak your wife home, people went to measures like unstuffing the cotton of car seats and sewing up a person in it, secret compartments in trunks of cars, stowing away in any way possible. The great Holocaust Memorial was my favorite. The place really swallows you whole.

Night ensued, met up with Shannon and fought off her squishy muffin. Fun crew though, the subway ride was hysterical, involved a youtube crew filming themselves wearing costumes (shrek, assassin, big chicken) on the subway. Went to Festival Krauzzberg for the Soul Explosion, a soul train revival party, and boogyed the night away. Try to swing a milf but it just wasn't the right time. Noah went home but i managed. There was a French girl, there was a German girl. The night was late and the morning was bright. The afternoon was rude. Berlin was exceptional.

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