The Days are Tumbling

They're all running into each other lately. There is a groove, I'm becoming very familiar with the certain people i know in Prague. Starting to love them all very much.
James Franco was brilliant in 127 hours. The moment that thing pops off is both comedic and awe-inspiring. The next morning I awoke to the worst stomach ache ever experienced; had clams for lunch the day before and they were not suitable. An angel came down from the heavens and blessed me with her hippie and southern remedies. Dried fruits and nuts, yogurt, rosemary tea, and a homeade baked chicken. I could squeeze you just thinking about it. Played Go Fish before going to Shambalala, our weed pit stop. This place is an over the counter pot dealer and it is a fairyland. There are puppies everywhere. And you buy your weed, drink your delicious gambrinus, and talk to the regulars about texas hold em or how much they hate the czech people. It's a wierd trait but Czechs seem to love confessing their problems with me. Get to Radost after tram confusion. Reminds me of one of those places Bill Murray hangs out. Zebra printed fabric on the couches, the seat cushion is so long you're not sure if you're supposed to sit indian style or lay down. Night came to an end. No. 6 & 9*

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