Starting off!

After i seeing Miles White, my last Charlestonian friend, i was off to Prague. Pretty painless trip. Included getting wasted off mini bottles on the flight over the big Atlantic lake, me spilling wine all over myself just to get compensated for a fresh one, and seeing my first Steve McQueen movie (Bullit: suspensful but lil dissapointing) and the fucking miserable Denzel moving "Unstoppable." You guessed, they stopped the train. After some theatrical mishaps, someone drove a truck to the front caboose and literally just slowed down. Sorry for ruining it for you, and if i did you should consider how big of lunatic you are.
Get to Frankfurt and see all sorts of funny signs. Restaraunts called Italianissimo and Wing Wang. Germans ask for me to open my bag. "We vmust inspect the amplifier, yaa??"

I am in Prague! After 14 hours of flying, I got on the CEA bus that took me to my apartment. The other twenty or so peers are staying in a dorm type complex while i ventured up a set of very sketchy stairs to find the most beautiful loft apartment i could have ever been blessed with. Full kitchen, living room, steps to an attic for stomp dancing. Room mates are have great tastes in music and i think with a little of balanced alone time and some journeys with friends this place is going to work out well.

Back with more specific stories soon. Ill be updating more regurally so posts are much more concise.

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