Don't Steal

This song isn't the Beatles at their finest but with George looking so goofy I thought it should be acknowledged. From the Beatles break up dvd, this song can be heard by She & Him, the Beatles 1963 rendition, and the wonderful original by Smokey Robinson. The backing vocals on the chorus give the song such great soulful energy you'd think you were at baptist church in your Sunday's finest.
"You Really Got a Hold On Me"

The Stones are unbelievable architects of song. Mick's voice is so versatile here it sweeps you straight up as the backing band crescendo-s the song away. The instruments playfully harmonize and really create some special moments. Wyman get out of my head i swear he knows everything i want to hear ten seconds before i realize it. It's just another gem.

The Rolling Stones, "Moonlight Mile"

"Made a ragpile of my shiny clothes
Gonna warm my bones
I got silence on the radio
Let the airwaves flow

Oh I'm sleeping under strange strange skies
Just another mad mad day on the road
My dreams is fading down the railway line
I'm just about a moonlight mile on the road"

I'm signing up for my Israel birthright trip and gonna make the pilgrimage this summer. My Jewish experience class is teaching me so many vital details of the faith, about the Talmud, the Tanakh, and just how long it takes for debts to become null. (It's 7 years, Doug). Went to a concert last night with Noah & company. Took the bus for the first time and wound up at the sketchiest part of Prague yet. But man it was the place ive been looking for. So many grimey czechs with funny haircuts and facial hair you can smell the communist revolt in the air. Half the size, but same filth, as new brookland tavern the band didn't have much space to play but they fucking killed it. I mean these guys guitar grooves were so technical and their sound was so refreshing. Maps & Atlases, the singer has the same croon as the kings of leon frontman but has crazy fast fingers. They also came out after the set and played acoustics in the crowd where for one song the singer tuned his guitar to an open and played it on his lap but as he played he would tune strings to create this whacky twang. I've seen a guitar played by a dildo but nothing like that. They have the same ability as Women but they come across as more progressive rock like Minus the Bear; some of the music was very poppy but some of it just toppled all over the place with clammering drum beats. Like jenga. On the bus back and the driver deliberately slammed on the brakes as i was taking a sip of my road juice; no one ever told us you can't drink on the public transit.
Tonight's John Wilhelm's birthday. Hysteria, you got a new neighbor.

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