the night of Sunday. January 23rd: A Recap of the Weekend

This was the 2nd to last weekend of my USA residency. I had a nice day Sunday being productive and dish-washed for my mother until 9. I met up with Lottee to start our friendship; however i felt it was necessary to bite the bullet and create familiarity before Praha. After a pleasant couple of drinks she left for bed and i joined the Erin Douglas party train. Hysteria ensued in the form of the biggest lover's quarrel the Upper Deck has ever seen, confrontations with finger banging wedding guests, and a hotel room after party that clocked until 6am that soundtrack Mmm bobbity and Lovefool (by The Cardigans, for you hapless squares out there). Hungover and catered Saturday, got off and met up with the stumbling Percy Street bunch, in which Liz was the all-star drunkard. Then to Justin's for a very quiet but friendly campfire. Recovery Room for friends, drinks, Chili cheese fritos and the Matrix reloaded (don't watch drunk). Fuel for brunch and bottomless mimosas then followed by hashish and your average nostalgic Percy street-laying around-doing nothing-Sunday.
I'm beginning to think i'm very socially conscious. Note to self, elaborate on open-ended thoughts and not this crapstick.
Very scary and exciting week ahead but goodnight for now. Keef awaits for me.

Another note to self- smoke hash in Prague: sometimes being a couch potato will give your mind a break and do some good.

Dept. of Eagles on a rooftop.

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