Taco Monday Presented by Taco Tuesday @ Panaroma

Wow, that was a lot of tequila. Panaroma cooked admirably for our whore house companions and made some great burritos. I'd have to give myself credit for manning the stove. And Brad for once actually contributed to something besides his stupid womp womp by making guacamole. The conversation at dinner was very easy and the girls have great personalities; they don't try too hard to impress. Lauren and Jen also have inside jokes that are fun to witness even though i have no idea what they're talking about. Good essence. Reminds me of someone else. One thing to keep in mind is i have to create a new name describing a man with an especially fantastic mullet. As well as some operations to steal babies and puppies. Keep me on my toes, sugar momma, i'll lay low..

My Morning Jacket, "Lay Low"

Lay back awhile and I'll show ya, I got the good that you want no
need to go and, hunt something else, it's right here with me, when you stay.
It's always good when I get to see that there's never more than what you're telling me when you
stay, home.
Lay low if the feel is right,I got all that I want here in you tonite and we'll,

pass out on the bedroom floor after goin like this so long.

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