Bye to Popeye

Today's update, maybe ill go report on last week but probably not.
Stone cold slept until 3:30 in the afternoon. This basically explains how warped Panaroma's sleep cycle is. Laid around and went to this Italian restaurant we had spotted for its peculiar name: Lupe Fiasco. Pretty good fare but enduring the radio choices might have been a little too much. Wondering whether the rapper has anything to do with this place, I'm sure he'd have a hernia knowing that Simple Plan and Rob Thomas was the music of choice in a restaurant sharing his name. The gang goes to the super market after wards to buy some errands and upon walking out the door I see a familiar sight. A Popeye-patch beanie I lost recently was being sported by one of Czechs humble, non-English speaking bums. Already suffering some small anxiety about losing me favorite cap earlier and now seeing its possibility of return, i had to act. I chased him down and tried to talk to him. Not happening. Using motions to dramatize the loss of the beanie i awkwardly performed for the bum with his appearance growing increasingly uncomfortable. Enter: policemen! Now with my audience grown, my explanation of how this bum was wearing my hat grew even more miscued until a light bulb flickered above one of the cops. He then proceeded to handcuff the guy thinking he stole the beanie! Bahh after chilling every out i simply left in a walk of shame, defeat, and emptiness. After getting so much hope of getting it back the beanie has escaped me once more. Maybe someday ill see it again. No question i'm gonna steal that shit back.

new Cut Copy sounds weak: the sentiment of power-pop energy isn't the same in the new LP and it begs a lot more to heard that ultimately dissapoints.

Neil Young, Live at Massey Halley 1971

"When the winter rains
come pourin' down
On that new home of mine,
Will you think of me
and wonder if I'm fine?"

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