Tuesday. January 18.

From here until sometime tomorrow agenda:

Get AMEX card back from Henry's
Pick up Stephen's rental movies
Work at library
Finish writing essay for Folkways
Hang out with John Williams
Keep Sage and Caitlin Crowder in mind for visual entertainment/distractions
Find a place to sleep dt.

Wake up wherever and get out of there early: you have no money to spend on food
Go to apple store though, visit Carly
Go to CVS!!!! Pick up promiseb and lotion derek uses
Go to Belk, pick up some more clinique lotion
Find Factotum, play wii, call Jeanette Guinn- tell her you heard her on the radio/etv intern/reccomdation for folkways

Boom, went to Johnnies' hot dogs, listening to Lonesome Crowded West and decided that will be an album ill use to convert my new Czech friends into American music lovers. Others will be Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and probably some country western snazz. This list will continue.

~Bon journee, keep your head up kyle.

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