Monday. January 17.

I'm gonna post something i wrote when i found out about when Cam Gardner was coming to visit Charlotte. I was okay with it. I was still spending time with her but she also was initiating a new romance. My patience and jealousy translated to this, a song that strains like the Rolling Stone's "Love in Vain."

What kind of a puzzle has two pieces that fit?
Oh the chance you find two of the same kind
to fit your groove
though you told me our bodies were perfectly entwined

What kind of sickness is heartbreak?
Oh the chance you find so many ways to meand
my wound you seal with joy
just to rip my heart open and open again

Maybe i should go to a casino..
So i can buy me a ticket out of town
I'd follow the roulettes, spin around black and red
take me away, my money, if i can ride round and round

I gambled my clothes naked in the rain
Knowing it was mine to lose and his to gain


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