Friday. January 21.

Relieved. Tumultuous day yesterday.  Finished up my Folkways essay and had a conversation about with a friend of Ed's and roommate of Brien Biedler's, Justin. We had a great talk about the beautiful woman of St. Philip Street, whether Kodak was a word before camera, and he had a very refreshing opinion on new music coming out. His recommendations go as follows:

Warpaint : P4k TV set is stellar
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti did did "Round and Round" on Jimmy Fallon
The Head and the Heart: openers for Dr. Dog @ the Farm
Zoo Kid, "Out Getting Ribs": British kid makes angsty music with ironic haircut. Can't deny that original grunt of his nor the beautiful guitar floating along.
"Woke Up This Morning" & "Instrumental" by Doug Martsch is a combo that would make any beard grin.
Chulahoma by the Black Keys

I went to Cougars game where they demolished a hapless Western Carolina team. Real ugly purple unis and most unimpressive display of Caucasian basketball skills.

Went home and read some Keef Richards. The books is getting real juicy and is following their first tour supporting their first record. They opened for the Everly Brothers and Little Richard, who apparently was a blown out poof. But like me, Keef's a friend of the faggles, and talked about how when Little Richard was meeting fans he' turn his homo-meter to maximum levels, just to fuck with 'em. After all, it was 1962.

"Liking is sometimes better than loving." I can dig.

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