Gentlemen Don't Yell

Gentlemen don't yell, gentlemen don't yell, whatever you do don't yell. you're a gentlemen. i know, you were really frustrated but don't yell. you always yell. you wanted her to see the whole concert and you yelled. now you'll never know what she was going to say to you. you should have listened and comly told her it wasn't cool. you would have like to have said stay for the rest of the set but then i might have gotten on stage all defeated and played like a defeated scrawny energy-less bass player. although yelling at her got out some rage and kind of possessed you in playing a really good 2nd set gentlemen don't yell. gentlemen don't yell. gentlemen don't yell. i'm sorry charlotte, you do these horrible things to me, even though they are my 'worst nightmares' at the moment i make those conclusions because i know you so damn well so therefore i should think of something witte and short and something that will make you feel horrible. but that won't be a problem seeing we won't be talking very much soon. i want to be friends again someday, i was so surpised how chloe and jack ran into each other so casually and carried off on a nice conversation. i think as soon as i get my seeds in the ground with another girl i'll be like that with her. i also think that i've been in denial for the last month and seeing charlotte bring stephen to the show really shut the door on the coffin. it was a really shitty year we had, a downright awful 2011. i don't know what that means for the future but it more than less says alot of how we function. i just need not to yell anymore at her. ever again. because gentlemen don't yell.

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